Saginaw Valley Farms

ADGA  and  AGS  Reg. Dairy Goats

  The Saginaw Valley dairy goat herd is located on our 15 acre family farm, easily accessed off of I-44 and/or Hwy 59 just east of Joplin,Mo. near the historic Civil War Carthage,Mo.   

   We are specializing in the Alpine and Oberhasli breeds. We are striving for quality and show performance, as well as milk production. Our animals are healthy and spoiled. Our herd is friendly and well tempered. We use a machine to milk at least two times daily.

   We began as a 4-H and FFA project and grew into a family love of caprines.

    All goat kids are vaccinated at 2 weeks for CDT, they are disbudded between 3 and 8 days. Kids are on a Coccidiosis prevention program of Decox M by 2 weeks of age. Kids are never allowed to suckle Dams and are raised on the Lumbar Bucket System. They are given free choice grain ( our herd's custom blend), hay, water, and baking soda.

    Our herd has DHIR records available as well as One Day test performance records.  Saginaw Valley started Linear Appraisal in 2009!

     Please check our list of freshners for your choice of 2014 kids available.

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